Day 3: Living the Dream in Gold Coast

Day 3: Living the Dream in Gold Coast

Greetings from Surfers Paradise!

ūüėú Tell me, how can one not love the weather in Gold Coast!? To start if off, we had our breakfast indoors since we do not want to waste any seconds, put the laundries out to dry and we’re good to go. We had to catch the early bus – to where I here you ask!? Hehe.


Dreamworld, White Water World and Skypoint!!

Yesterday, I’d mentioned of how we got our passes. You don’t have¬†to go to specifically Pacific Fair to get these passes. You’d be able to get it off any booths you see as you go along. The booths were all over in the Gold Coast districts. I’ll tell you more in the TAB below.

First stop, Dreamworld!

Perfect¬†weather for outdoor activities. Getting to these theme parks was not at all difficult. Depending on where you’re coming from, our journery took almost an hour by bus. There was already a crowd at the entrance but fret not, the lines were moving fast. Before we knew it, we were already in the next line for Giant Drop! Hoho!

To start it off, giant drop was mind-blowing¬†but we enjoyed screaming our lungs out. I won’t forget the little girl who cried from the time the coordinator buckled us up, and to the end of the ride as the giant drop escalated up and down the tower.

More of the rides we took at Dreamworld.

There were by right more videos of the rides but I cannot upload videos to wordpress. I wished I could show them to you. Bad idea wordpress. 

Then we came to Corroboree! In Corroboree, the Roos were left out to play in the open and you get a chance to feed them! And we were more excited to be able to take the mandatory shot with the Koala! (exclamation marks in tow! teehee.)

We left Dreamworld with muddle heads – after all the 360 degrees ride we took.

Next,  off to White Water  World!


White Water World location is just next to Dreamworld. So if you’re done in Dreamworld, walk over to White Water World. Since we were not dressed to get wet that day, we didn’t spend long in there. (we have gotten wet enough from the water rides in Dreamworld, hehe.)¬†

The last attraction in the list was the Skypoint Observation Deck.


The plan was to stay long enough to catch the sunset but the clouds were blocking our sun view. Nevertheless, enjoy the breathtaking view of Gold Coast from bird’s eye view.

Overview From SkyPoint Observation Deck

Overview from level 77 of SkyPoint Observation Deck.


I think I’ll miss being here now!


Itinerary for day 3 checked! Bravo! We did well so far keeping up with the itinerary.

Dinner ¬†was at an Asian Halal cafe (sorry I can’t recall the name! ūüė¶) It’s quite chilly tonight so we had tea.¬†Here, what we had for dinner.¬†

True blue Asians at heart. I think I miss eating rice by now. By the time we finished with dinner, it was still early so we went to chill at a Mediterranean bar for shisha before bunking in.

It’s been a long day, time to catch up with our loved ones at home. We’ve been waiting till it was at least 10:00 PM now because of the time difference. That so, we can’t¬†stay up too late. We are going to¬†prepare ourselves for another day of adventure!

T A B 

For theme park passes, you may click here¬†for more information and read up on the different types of passes you may want to get for yourself, friends or families. Make sure to get the passes for non-locals or you may end up not granted entree at the gate. We haven’t heard of any issues like this¬†but you may want to avoid it at all cost!

Since we were told by friends that the passes are valid for 3 concecutive days from the day you start, we had planned accordingly for itinerary. So we knew exactly when to get the passes and which day to go to the theme parks.




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