Day 4: Introducing Gold Coast and her Worlds

Day 4: Introducing Gold Coast and her Worlds

Rise and Shine Earthlings!

Woots woots! We’re now at day four! The days just got even more exciting. S T O K E D! So what have we planned for the rest of our stay?

Day four – according to the planned itinerary, was to visit  Sea World in the early half of the day and by evening, to Beach Front Night Market again! Remember! The night market will be up on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So if your visit to Gold Coast falls within these stretch of days and you’ve missed a day, fret not! There will always be another day.

The adventure begins!

Photo 12-4-16, 09 00 03

And that’s our passes, three parks for three consecutive days!


Welcome to Sea World people!

Journey to Sea World took us an approximate 30 minutes of bus ride that includes the waiting time and, walking distance from where we stay in Stanhill Drive to Surfers Paradise (yes, we had to take the bus from Surfers Paradise this time).


Jo, my happy buddy!

When you’re there, don’t forget to check out the park map and show times to plan your day.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the allocated show times especially if you have a personal favourite animal show to catch. Truth be told, we’d love to catch all shows  but it is not easy to keep track of time while we have the whole of Sea World to explore and rides to take on (yaaass!! there are rides too in Sea World!).

However we made a point not to miss Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show and Affinity Dolphin Show! We got them on video but I cannot upload videos up here. Haven’t I already said it since the entry on Day 1!? I’m contemplating on signing up for wordpress full package now! Gaaahh! For most of the shows, we arrived either towards the end of it or we just miss the opening. 😐

One of the attractions here is the 🐬 Dolphin Beach. This natural sandy bottom lagoon system is home to the dolphins and the nursery area is where the babies are kept. At the nursery, you can usually witness dolphins being fed from time to time and you’re even allowed to pet the dolphins gently if they come close.

I can recall exactly how we stood in line watching every one getting down the boat dry and we were convinced that we may not be unlucky and wet ourselves during the ride. However, as you can tell from the look on our faces, especially from Jo’s expression, we got drenched! Hehe. 😂

If you hang around long enough sometimes you may get to see Nickelodeon cartoon characters coming out for meet and greet.

We managed to catch a few. To name some, there was Dora the Explorer! (I was the oldest in line by the way for Dora’s photo taking!)  Then there were Spongebob Squarepants with Sandy Cheeks and Patrick Star with Mrs Puff.

We then moved on to 🐧 Penguin Encounter. The large cold area do not just house the penguins but also has space for them to breed. We were glad to be able to observe a penguin laying her eggs and later kept them warm. It was a beautiful moment. Well, click here to view the 15 seconds clip from my instagram post. I’m sorry you had to look at all of these wonderful experiences in pictures instead of videos.

Later, it was time for the sea lion show!

Next, at the Ray Reef interactive exhibit, you’ll get an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s most misunderstood inhabitant, the masjestic stingray.


Along with the sting rays, you get to view some other sea creatures exbits like the starfish and there was the shark eggs!

After a while, it was time to catch the Affinity Dolphin show!

Our last station at Sea World was the 🦈 Shark Bay.

Beautiful creatures of the sea! You could have been one of them in the acrylic cage in Shark Lagoon to experience feeding sharks and come close with the large fish!

We were out of Sea World before 05:00 PM. Yes, Sea World too closes at 05:00 PM. So be sure to plan your day!

Dinner was again, kebab, before  we went on to shop at the night market.


My GIGANTIC kebab.

Since we have nothing else on our itinerary for the rest of the day, we took a break at Surfers Paradise to catch the sunset before heading for the night market. We were not allowed to have a dip so we walked along the coast and let our feet soak in the cold water of Surfers Paradise while enjoying the cold breeze.


Look at the skyline!!


Dusk from Surfers Paradise, I’m going to miss this!

This time at the night market, we made sure to get whatever were there and save another day for other activities.


  • As mentioned in my earlier posts, most of the tourist attractions and shopping centres close between 05:00 – 05:30 PM. Hence, it is important to plan your day! 
  • If you’re interested to experience any adventures in Sea World, look into the timetable or refer to the site beforehand for the available slots/days for the different activities.
  • Be sure to visit the night market cause the second time we did, we realised there were lots of goods in our list of to-buy. For us and for the people back home.

If you plan your day well, you do not really need to spend too long in one theme park!

Next, Day 5! It has come to the fifth day of our stay and we hate the thought that we had to leave Gold Coast soon. 😦






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