Day 6 to 8: Gold Coast in a Long Summary

Day 6 to 8: Gold Coast in a Long Summary

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. ~Earl Wilson

The remaining days went by in a breeze. Since we have some time after our final check around the apartment for any unpacked or left items, let’s recall the last three days. 


My junks stowed, we’re ready to go! NOT!!

Day 6 was a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. CWS is very much similar to our Singapore Zoological Garden. The difference is you get to see som animals that are not exhibited in the Singapore Zoo.

You’d probably have known some of the famous ones.


The Koala bear.


The Tasmanian Devil.

I was slightly disappointed to catch the Tasmanian sleeping. Being brought up educated by cartoon facts, I have always believed that Tasmanians are brown and not black. And they spin and chew all things in anger. So, I knocked on the glass fence in attempt to wake the Tasmanian up! 😜

Basically, we didnt really enjoy CWS though we treasured the experience and opportunity to be there.

T A B on Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

On getting there – CWS provide for free shuttle services at four locations: The Main Beach, Surfers Paradise North, Surfers Paradise South and Broadbeach. For more information on the location pick up time and returns, click here.

We left CWS early for Harbour Town and we got mad crazy there!

My favourite buy?


This couple pair for Wak and I.

Havaianas in Singapore is expensive, it is relatively cheaper in Australia! Other surfers’ brands are more expensive though. I personally find its cheaper to shop for surfers’ brands in Bali! However, if you walk around in Harbour Town, you may get some apparels going off at discounted offers and it would still be cheaper than in Singapore. After checking with Wak on the prices of various Vans models, I decided to get mine which cost only SGD 29!! Yaaasss!! DIRT CHEAP!! I could have gotten that model for SGD 59 in Singapore. The colour was a bonus for me!

While Jo went to shop for her family members, I went to try on some shirts and apparels for dad and bro. We went on our separate way so we could spend longer time on our own and meet later so we don’t waste time waiting for each other in one shop.


Our Halal dinner at Kofteburger in Harbour Town.

Once done with our shopping, we started to make plans for day 7 – we’ve both been waiting for day 7 on our itinerary! If we go by our list we were supposed to go SKYDIVING!! However, due to our negligence – failure to check for more information on skydiving (bookings in particular), we had to call off our very last plan!

No S K Y D I V E for us! 😞

We need to book in advance with Gold Coast Skydive in order to experience skydiving. Next AVAILABLE slot will only be on Tuesday but we have a flight to catch.

Truly disappointed that skydiving was left unchecked on our list of to-do. The other alternative – take on the hot air and that too were fully booked. Quite unfortunate for our last day.

Hence day 7, we roamed around Cavill Avenue for any unchecked souvenirs’ on the list. Visited Hard Rock to pick a Gold Coast engraved guitar keychain for Wak! Yesterday was pretty mundane. Felt like any day when you have no plans but you just have to go out – for the sake of going out. We were back in our apartment even before 05:00 PM. Ready to pack!

My luggage is as heavy as my heart! Not willing to leave Gold Coast. 😦 Right now, I’m thinking of how to drag our luggages down the three stories flight of stairs! The only regret about this apartment here is the absence of lift service. Otherwise. it is really a perfect stay! Even the neighbours have been friendly.

I took this last night before going to bed. I’m going to miss this view where we would chill and freeze talking cock before going to bed; if there was nothing good on tv.

Day 8 came too soon! 😦

While we had our last meal in Gold Coast, I kept repeating to Jo ‘Are we really going back?’

A part of me do not wish to leave Gold Coast whereas another part of me couldn’t wait to be home to tell our wonderful experiences to my family members and another bigger part of me couldn’t wait to run into Wak’s arms! Hehe. Now, I really miss that man!

Sad to leave Gold Coast. With salt in our hair, smiles on our lips and sunshine on our cheeks, Gold Coast could not have been better. Tell the world we’re coming home!

Till our next travel blog.




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