Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Truly Asia



A popular destination among Singaporeans for weekend short get—away or, shopping paradise for any festive seasons. We’d usually go there to shop – for fabrics, for hijab shawls, for designer labels baju kurungs, dresses, for their sales items and to eat eat eat (so many HALAL food!) and most of us have relatives staying in KL so it is about time to pay a visit to orang-orang Kolompo!

And it’s been a tradition to visit Kuala Lumpur in December for my mum and me. However, this time, we pushed our trip forward to November because I had to source for dresses to wear for the bridesmaid duty I’m assigned to in December. In KL, we’d usually spend a day or two with my cousin’s family while the rest of our stay, I’d be pigging myself out at most hipsters’ cafés that have been quite the talk among us, Singaporeans.

By far, we’ve been staying at different hotels every year. I love trying out different hotels until I find one that I love, I’ll probably stick to it.

More information on this trip! I’m only going to focus on the highlights of this trip.

Accommodation: Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur
SGD350.59 (MYR1076.20)
Coach: SGD66.00 for round trip by The One Travel and Tours (formerly Five Stars Travel)
*Note that departure times determine the fare. Departing in the morning and night (and more legs space as there’ll be lesser seats which means less passengers) would cost more than in the afternoon.
Expenses: Subject to purpose of visit. I went there to shop and eat. Anyway the rate then was awesome. MYR3.09 (±) to every SGD1.00
Length of stay: 5D4N

Photo 20-11-15, 11 00 47

Facilities and Services

I would rate 4/5. Besides the spacious suites we had, the hotel staffs were always ready to assist us. Our room was well maintained and kept neat by the housekeepers. Hotel provides laundry services. Otherwise, you may exchange some money (i forgot how much! 😅) over at the reception counter for some tokens. Along with the tokens, you’ll get washing detergents and softeners sachets for use with the washing machines at the ground level. Dryers too are provided.

Distance from our place to the shopping centres wasn’t really far. There were road blocks during our stay to make way for Mr Obama and some other strong political leaders who were there for Tenth East Asia Summit, I really know nuts about the political meetings so for more click here! If not for the political meet, the location would be perfect. Across the hotel lobby is Kuala Lumpur Tower. Convenient for residents of Pacific Regency if they have not been on the Tower. For those night owls, if you’re feeling hungry and you need to get quick bites or snacks, convenience store is located at G floor of the hotel, opens 24 hours.



Told mum I had two MUST TRY food on the list! Die die must go to! One of it, SHELL OUT and the other, KAW KAW BURGER. We went to Shell Out after checking in since its location is not easily accessible by public transport (train ride). So we decided to have seafood for dinner on our first day! Shell Out is located at Damansara, Sunway Pyramid. Far from where we stayed. Not quite easy to get a cab from Shell Out so you may use Uber or Grab if you are not driving! We were lucky the taxi driver said he would wait until we were done.

Apart from the price (what do you expect? seafood is not cheap, the heavier the marine life, the more expensive it is!) I super love the food there, especially the crabs!

Our pick:

  • Crabs cooked SHELL BANG style (mix of Lemon Pepper and Butter Garlic)
  • Giant Scallops in Lemon Pepper
  • King Prawns in Butter Garlic (or vice versa, I really forgot! hehe)
  • 3 bowls or rice
  • Sweet potato fries

We spent MYR500.00++ for dinner but it was all worth it. Puas hati di Golden Chance! Mum and baby bro loved the dinner as much as I do. Rare to get crabs cooked as such.


Then, we had Kaw Kaw Burger on our last day for breakfast at Quill Mall, very near to Pacific Regency. The taste? Delicious! Juicy patties and meal sets were cheap! Real cheap to try Kaw Kaw Burger in Malaysia. MYR22.50 for a set meal in Malaysia, and if it cost at least SGD16.90 here, which is cheaper? Do your math.


Taxis are easy to get there in KL, there’ll always be one or two waiting at the hotel lobby. However, taxis waiting at lobbies are mostly Blue Cabs and charge almost twice compared to Red Cabs and Brown Cabs. The latter are more known as ‘taxi mesra rakyat’ or affordable taxis for the people. My advise to you, do not ever board cabs when taxi drivers charged you MYR30.00 (can be more or less) for a short trip from the mall to your hotel, or to wherever it is. You know better, these are usually con taxi drivers who want to earn quick money! Go for cabs that would go by meter or simply book for Uber or Grab. Any one would be cheaper! Or you can travel by their MRT and LRT. You can save on transportation a lot this way.

Places of interest

This time, mum decided to visit the National Museum to kill time. Haha. It wasn’t in my plan to visit any places of interest though. Some of the photos taken there.

Well not many due to poor lighting and reflections, photos didn’t turn out really well.

So you see, this trip was really about killing time and pigging out.

Next KL trip, Kulcats Barrio is first on the list and Shell Out will definitely be next!


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