13 Reasons Why


Gossip girl has always been my favourite go to on Netflix. Nothing that Gossip Girl or rather Netflix cant fix when you have your monthly cramp – the craving for french fries and hot caramel macchiato or anything spicy (Samyang would be the ideal kind of spicy for me). I am not a sweet tooth person and I doubt I’ll ever be. I don’t fancy cakes though I love chocolates. Ironic? YES! But it is not what I crave for most of the time.

You know how comforting it can be to pull up the thick woolen socks and rub some Yu Yee (famous chinese ointment in Asia, I think?) on, stay in bed and watch Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee?

Gossip Girl will continue to accompany me during my bring-from-home lunch. But I decided to switch to 13 Reasons Why ever since I saw so many heartfelt reviews on how the series became an eye-opener for them. Even my little brother has watched them. So I came in late to this party but better late than never, right?

You know, I’ve always thought that those people who went on to rant and write lengthy posts on how the series affected them, were exaggerating. I mean why wait for a TV show like this to start to be kind? I never knew why until I watched it for myself. I’m on Tape 2 Side B. And it’s enough to make me question who’s next?

13 Reasons Why was first written by Jay Asher and it’d be best if you could read it before watching the 13 episodes of a heartbreaking TV series on a girl who resorted to taking her own lives after countless bullying. I only read from what’s provided by Wiki. Good enough, eh?

Only the third episode and I’ve learnt quite a lot. How everything affects everything – that’s the quote Hannah used to describe how one incident happened leads to the next.

My take-away on this, is one – be kind. Depression is real. Hannah looks like any girl on the street, pretty and all smiles. Yet, she bottled her depression and even when she went to that one person whom she taught she could depend on, that person didn’t even try to help her. No one is saying you should be a hero and save them. All you have to be is kind. Make someone’s day and let them know there are still  people who cares.

Till then, I’m on to my next tape.


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