Social Media Detox


Hello! I’m here to write (technically type but write sounds more personal and romantic) on my hasty decision to take a break from social media. (Disclaimer: At present, the ONLY instagram account I keep is for Tommy the cat)

Now, what is Social Media Detox?

Basically it means to stay away from social media. All forms of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

Who needs social media detox?

If you, find yourself posting angsty posts every now and then, not replying to every why(s) being asked in your comment space, then you really need to check yourself. You probably need to learn channelling your anger elsewhere.

Your post was obviously intended for someone in particular no matter how hard you tried to hide it with cryptic languages. Even if the public don’t know, you know and God knows. Cut the crap man. Man up and confront whoever it is you’re not happy with. If you don’t like your friends commenting why, then make your post private OR just don’t post. If you have to, please be ready to face questions.

(No, I don’t do that. Five years ago, yes. Now, the only thing I’ve been sharing are photos and videos from my travel and cats. And more cats!)

Next, if you have to post every activity (READ: BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER) you do on Facebook/Instagram story and tag your friends along with it, it’s another sign you need a break. Right, we get it. You’ve got a life!

I’m a private person if you must know. Personally, I feel that people don’t ask because they care. They ask because they’re just curious. Nosey Parker. Haha.

I have friends who shared their emotional baggage on Facebook. It is human’s nature to ask, isnt it? But these friends turned defensive when being asked, claimed that what they went through were too personal. Well, personal stuffs dont go on Facebook, my friends.

Another sign could be, you find yourself spending a good half an hour before/after bed going through your ‘Following(s)’ stories and newsfeed. Killing time by going on Instagram in the subway and buses. Another wasted 15 mins skimming through newsfeed while on a date. Well, I’m guilty of this. Haha! Sometimes the posts that people shared are too hilarious. Yup, the posts on emotional baggage and personal vendetta. Not that I’m not being sensitive but it turned hilarious when commentators argue among themselves. Go get a life people. Oh wait, just keep doing what you’ve been doing, please keep me entertained. Hehe.

Lastly, how to do a social media detox?

If you are strong willed, you can keep your accounts and just delete the apps. That should refrain you from going on Facebook or Instagram. There are some people who will cheat and log in from the computers though.

So what I did was to deactivate both my Facebook and Instagram account. The good thing about deactivating is that you can always come back anytime after the whole detox exercise is over. Or if you decide not to, then you’d probably have achieved the motive of this exercise. It has been 3 days and no one has noticed. Or perhaps they do, but they couldnt care less to ask. Haha. Not that I mind if they do ask.

What I hope to achieve from social media detox?

Let’s be honest. Eversince I’ve been on social media, I’ve let these platforms run my life, literally. My day won’t be complete without checking whats on the media.

Once, I let myself fall into the trap of the dreamy #relationshipgoals, the ideal #homedecor and the perfect #ootd must have posts. Makes me wonder, how do they have it so easy? I gotta admit that there was a point in my life where I used to post selfies and #ootd on Instagram. The likes turned to be a confident booster for me. That didnt last long though. The day I took a leap of faith to don the hijab, was when I realised that there is more to being confident then getting likes and compliments from people.

Anyway, I used to post a lot on Instagram story but I stopped when I realised that I’ve been revealing too much about myself. What ever happened to the quote that I’ve always hold on to ‘The less you reveal, The more people can wonder.’?

Well, I hope to spend more quality time by connecting with people who truly matters than checking social media unnecessarily. You tell your partner and family that you love them, not to the world or the social media; because they deserve it!

At the end of the day, to each his own. How you use the social media, is really up to you. Do you think I’ll cave in? I’m praying hard I won’t! Hehe.


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  1. I went on a similar detox a few times before! It helps to reconnect and I soooo get what you meant by “friends’ angsty/my life is so perfect posts”. One chronic case I’ve seen is a girl going for a date and her date and her checked in to the place on Facebook and were commenting on the post as the dinner progressed!! hahaha

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