Last weekend, my mum got a message that a young man had jumped to his death from his unit. It was hard to stomach the videos. According to my mum, those videos were circulated on Whatsapp/Facebook and family of the deceased had plead for the public to stop sharing the articles. My mum is the best source of info these days. Hehe. Have I not tell you so, that disconnecting will help me to connect with people better? I think it’s best I shan’t go into greater details of his impulsive act. The least we could do is to respect the dead and his family.

Though, I can’t help but to wonder what went through his mind before he took the plunge. Couldn’t he talk about his problems? Did he even try? Isn’t there anyone who could coax him to step back? Was he bullied? What sort of problems he could have had that can’t be solved?

It is not my place to talk about this but it’s scary how people took to suicide as an easy way out. Students taking on their own lives after exit examinations. Gamblers found hanged in their rooms. Teenagers found dead with their wrists slit. God forbids any of that happens to us or our family and friends.

Life is not all about good grades and a high-post profession in the workforce. Life is not all about being rich. Life is supposed to be fun and memorable. Life is a cycle. You can’t forever be on top. We learn to get up after every fall.

Life to me, is too precious to waste it away. No matter how hard life gets, always remember the people around who cares and matters. If you think you have no one to talk to, please seek help from the counselors. They are around for these reason.

Most people would have said, it’s fated. But truth is, fate lies in our hands. Sure, we can’t choose our own life lessons and tests, but we are given the power to ask/pray to God.  Sometimes I too, almost lost it. We are no saint. But I’m grateful for He always guides me back to the path of faith.

Then again, if only life is so much simpler and less complicated.


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