TomCat Printables – Digital Printables

After almost a year, I’m finally introducing my baby, TomCat Printables! I’d been coy about announcing TomCat Printables.

Because first, I am no professional. Yes, I took up Photoshop specially for this and also, I’ve been wanting to learn Photoshop for a long time. Second, I’m not sure how to go about selling stuffs online. The rights and wrongs. Thirdly, I have my uncertainties. I’ve not thought of how to tackle problems when they arise, what do people think of my designs, will they even buy my designs and the list goes on.

So, I went ahead to create my first design which looked like this and I started getting reviews. I don’t get lots of reviews but the few got me inspired to keep creating.


And this, has been my best selling piece so far.

Lights MockUp.jpg

TomCat Printables was first born in September 2016 and known as DigitalPrint Boutique. It was shut down for two months since July this year, as I was too occupied (with I don’t know what). And it was only last month when I had nothing to do, and with no social media feeds to view, that I remembered to continue running DigitalPrint Boutique.

Please take your time to visit my humble shop on Etsy. It has been my passion to be able to work from anywhere in the world, like how you can reach out to my shop wherever you are.

If you ever need to get a gift urgently, TomCat is a click away!

TomCat Printables was named after my fluffy ginger pet cat, whose name is Tommy.

To visit, simply click on the logo below. Or you can click on shop in the menu above. Thank you!

tomcat 500


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