Mood: Void

It’s only been the first night without Tommy and my room already feels so dead. All of a sudden, I feel so small in my own room. Last night, I slept like a log. Its like my conscience knew that Tommy wasn’t around for me to check on him. Waking up in the middle of the night became a habit for me. I’ll constantly check on Tommy to make sure he is not stuck somewhere. Most of the time, I dont have to because I can feel his warmth next to me. This time, the bed feels too big for a girl sleeping alone. The air was much colder last night. Oh the rain probably.

Time will heal. Definitely. I hope my upcoming trip will take my mind off Tommy. Even if not for long, at least for a while.

Be good there in your new forever home, Tommy. I trust your new family will take care of you well! Because she is my friend – my friend since I was 5!



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