A Pet is A LIFE

I have an important subject to talk about today. When it comes to animals, pets in particular, I take them seriously. Before I go on, here’s a little update on Tommy. He has finally settled down and even got himself a girlfriend. My friend has a female cat and I’m so glad he is getting along fine there.

Anyway, back to topic. Let me tell you the story on the processes of rehoming Tommy. Initially, Tommy was to be adopted by a friend’s relative. She put up a notice on Instagram and her uncle got interested in Tommy. To cut story short, she got him to liaise with me directly.

That was a Monday and he was supposed to drop by to have a look at Tommy before he adopted Tommy on Sunday. The discussion stopped there and I waited till Saturday. He still had not come by to visit Tommy. That Saturday, I texted him in the morning and didn’t get a reply until in the evening. I was in dire strait to know if he’d be coming over with his wife to adopt Tommy the next day. Not because I couldn’t wait to get rid of Tommy, BUT because I was running out of litters and food for the poor boy. I didn’t top up his necessaties only because they told me that they’d be adopting him in the same week.

When they finally replied, they said they could only come on Thursday as their house was not done with the renovation works. So, come Wednesday, I tried to get their confirmation again on the time they’d be coming over. No reply, but my messages were read! Thursday, I tried with fingers crossed but I had expected them to not reply at all.

I told my friend that her uncle and wife were not coming after all. That was how she decided to adopt Tommy after discussing with her husband. She said I could visit Tommy whenever I miss him a little too much.

Anyway, I can’t help but to wonder how the first potential adopters treat their cat, Chanel. (I mentioned her when I annouced that Tommy had to be rehomed) I hate to judge but they showed me that they were irresponsible and not serious to adopt Tommy.

If, there were still no potential adopters to date, I’d still keep Tommy despite the crisis I’m facing. I guess I will figure it out someway, somehow. Right now, I’m only glad Tommy has been rehomed safely.

Remember, A Pet is A LIFe. Just like, would you abandon your child on the street?

Take note when rehoming your pets. Be sure to screen the potential adopters thoroughly. I’ve learnt my lesson.



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