Bangkok Vibe

Unlike my past trips, I wasn’t so excited to pack for Bangkok. Reason being – I just had to rehome my cat and I miss him terribly. (No wagging tail, no more excessive meows and sleepy purrs to greet me now when I come home from work or wherever) There’s another reason which I won’t talk about here. Some things, though they suck the blood out of me and get on my nerves, still deserve their rights to privacy.

So packing for Bangkok was easy. The essentials – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste (if you’re fussy and won’t use the hotels’). I packed light because I had planned to shop in Bangkok and also, Jo had planned to look for a laundry service.

We arrived late in the evening and dropped by Big C to grab some drinks and bites to store in our room.

We saw some things we’d like to bring home and planned to come again another day. We put that for the last day when we won’t have much going on and have checked our (Jo’s)  list of itinerary.

So, how was Bangkok? More, soon.


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