Welcome 2018!

Goodbye 2017, and thank you! 2017 in two words, was challenging.

Let’s go down the road and zoom in on the significant events that happened in 2017:

1. I’d fallen on hard times since the company I worked for got into an economy crisis. The situation called for an adjustment to some personal life choices. Not only it affected my spendings,  I had to shift my focus and put some plans on hold too. That includes my social activities. I chose to stay in during those times because staying home would mean a clean expenditure list, except for my subscription to Netflix. I avoided friends for a long time that some of them probably thought I was kidnapped by the aliens.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to go through all of that alone. I’m thankful for parents who are ready to have my back during difficult times. You’d realise, family is all you have when you lost everything else. Looking back, I’m amazed at how calm I’ve been. Tough times dont last, tough people do, remember?

2. Rehome-d Tommy. This was the toughest decision ever. I hate to let him go but I was forced to and I’m still not over that truth though I know he is in good hands now.

Though it might seem like I have not moved on by posting pictures and videos of him on his Instagram account, I am happy to know that he has adapted well in his new forever home. I keep his Instagram running because that’s all I have left of him that keeps my day sane, sometimes. I’ll always love you Tommy, you’ll always be my special charm.

3. Falling in and out of love and, in love again. Life is really full of surprises huh AK? It’s weird to look at the uncanny resemblance we bear, I swear.

4. Deactivating social media accounts. While this may seem as irrelevant to most of you, this shall be my self-proclaimed proud moment. Took a break from social media and only activated it three months later when I had to help a friend rehome her pretty Jelly. There is finally a utile reason to go on Facebook. On a sidenote, we’re still looking for potential adopters. I’m waiting for Jelly to be safely rehomed before I shut Facebook down again. Like I did my Instagram. I logged in to post photos from my Bangkok trip and it started to bore me. Oh wait, what is wrong with me?

Above all, I’ve learnt to build a more meaningful relationship with human and engaged in a more productive conversation with no distraction from checking social media feeds. If you demand respect, then earn it.

5. Change. I don’t know what is good change or bad change. But I do know that change is the only constant. Old ways won’t open new doors. But I’m certain this new change is what brings in the good things now and if God wills, later.

6. I found myself. Maybe there is good in the new change after all. Things I learned about myself:

– Forgiving – I started by forgiving myself before I can forgive others. It was easier to let go when I learned to forgive.
– I hate crowded places these days.
– I enjoy dining at the coffee shop more than some lepak/western/mediterranian wannabe cafes and restaurants.
– Stopped trying to blend in, can’t fake it anymore.
– My love for animals, except reptiles!
– Anything minimalist and simplicity; can’t believe I sold my Louis Vuitton for a trip to Bangkok. Desperate moments call for desperate measures.
– My inclination for perfection just got crazy. Not the OCD kind of perfection though.
– I value my privacy more than anything that I wished I had dumped social medias earlier!

6. Social circle – Keep it small and real. People come and go but true friends stay. And it was easier to recognize who my friends were in times of my downfall. I stopped going to some people with my baggage because many times I did, it didn’t help to improve things. Things turned sour, problems remained unsolved and I ended up hurting for taking the wrong advise.

So sometimes, no matter how close you’ve been, it is always safe to draw a line.

Last year may be full of bumpy rides and unxpected revelations, but things definitely got better than previous years. I’m proud to say I’m much calmer in tackling unwarranted criticism. My younger self would have been less patient.

Over time, I came out stronger and wiser. After all, Allah has promised, ‘For indeed, with hardship, (will be) ease.’ – Qur’an 94:6

No new year resolutions. If you noticed, I’d never practised having new year resolutions.  I was never one for resolutions. Simply because I lack the consistency to follow through. Or, it just seems that I can never set realistic goals for myself.

As cliché as it may sound, 2018 started off on a very good note. I got an advance birthday cake that comes with a letter stating my salary adjustment. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kuli haal. Allah heard me and my effort has been paid off. What could be better than welcoming the new year with my people whom despite having witnessed my downfall, still stayed. And the same people rejoice with me when I shared the good news.

With that, I bid a final goodbye to 2017. Thank you for the memories and struggles. I hope for all of you reading this humble piece of mine, to have a great year ahead. Time will heal whatever you’re struggling with. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t have a good start, what matters is you never give up and strive for what you desire. Do not beat yourself up if you fail halfway, tell yourself, it’s okay and that you are a work in progress. We all are, remember to have fun while you’re at it. You’ll discover new things and the end product will be beautiful.

Let’s spread love and more love and be kind. Bring it on 2018!


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